SAM tackles cyber security threats at the source by securing the network gateway. Protecting communication between IoT devices at this access point ensures a safe and secure connected home.

Router Protection

Detect and actively address ongoing threats to the router’s core services and firmware.

Device Fingerprinting

Using AI to identify all the different IoT devices connected to the network.

Dynamic Policy

Tailored protection policy for every device on the network, continuously updated to prevent threats in real-time.

Anomaly Detection

Detect and prevent anomalies in real time by analysing existing network patterns.

Network Segmentation

Control what devices are allowed to access the home network by defining segments based on anticipated device behavior.

Virtual Hot Patching

Permit only user-initiated connections between devices to prevent potential hacking.

The Reality Today

Homes today are becoming more connected. From smart TVs and lightbulbs to baby monitors and thermostats. These devices aim to improve our dailylives. However, a variety of fragmented devices connected to a single network means an easy and obvious target for hackers.

SAM Solution

Protecting the connected home by securing threats right at the source.


Software-Only Solution

SAM is deployed into the home router leaving a minimal footprint and no impact on the home network itself. SAM does not rely on any hardware devices other than the existing home router.

After Market

Proven to work on multiple aftermarket gateways, SAM is installed remotely and requires zero user or technician intervention.

Fully Integrated

Unlike any other solution, SAM can react immediately to new vulnerabilities, and provides real-time protection to every network. By managing all routers in a secure cloud, SAM can push live updates to the protective software in order to address new security threats.

We’ve been able to offer our users a sense of control with the help of SAM. Having real-time information of when a cyber attack is imminent means we now provide the most efficient and up to date security system, that completely protects their homes.


Gil Rosen

Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer at Bezeq

SAM’s team exhibit deep understanding of IoT technologies and home router and thanks to that, the integration with the our internal systems was successful and on time.


Yaki Zano

Vice President Technologies & Network Division at Bezeq

SAM`s R&D team helped us predict a wide range of cyber attack scenarios and prevent them in real-time patching.


Meni Baruch

Head Of Services & Products Development

Everyday Bezeq's end-users are adding new IoT devices into their home-network without being aware of the risks involved. With SAM, Bezeq can provide a secure environment to all of our users and ensure their homes are protected.


Niv Brekner

Head of Products and Innovation at Bezeq

Our Team

SAM has an elite team of researchers, IoT specialists, maverick reverse engineers and cybersecurity experts dedicated to protecting home networks. The company is led by ex-military cyber specialists and business strategy developers.


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